Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's Almost the 100th Day!

The 100th Day of school is finally coming up for us.  It will be this Tuesday.  Every year for first grade, I send home a 100 cut out and the students have to decorate it and glue on 100 objects in groups of 2, 5. or 10.  We have been learning how to skip count by 2's, 5's and 10's so it's the perfect way to reinforce those skills.  I also made a sign to hang on the top of my door after being inspired by so many bloggers who have done that to greet the kids in the morning.
I also cut out 100 on the Ellison die cut machine so that my students can make a 100 cut out design.  I saw the idea floating around pinterest and I think the original owner of the idea is Michelle Gagne.  I am so excited to see what they will come up with!
The kids will also get to decorate this crown from Julie Lee on TpT.
This is the template for the 100th Day Collection Project.  In years past, I used to cut out each template on cardboard.  But with the increase in class sizes, I wasn't able to do that.  I also used a thick poster board instead of cardboard.  I don't know the exact dimensions of the 100 but it takes up less than half of a poster board. 
One of my students turned in his early.
Here are some of the projects my students did in years past.

I love how creative they can be!  This was my class 2 years ago (only 20 kids).  They all did a great job on the project.  I also have them do a short oral report on what they did, what they used, and what kinds of groups they made.
Here is the letter that I send out.  
Get the letter here.

Did you have fun celebrating the 100th day of school?  I'm excited for what my kids will bring in! 

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