Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Where has the time gone?!  Well, since my last post... so much has happened.  One of the main reasons for my absence was due to the fact that my hard drive crashed... along with it some of my files that I didn't get a chance to back up as well as my motivation to work on more activities for my store.  When school got out, I wanted to just RELAX.  I did that for about a month.  Then when I was ready to work on units for TpT, my hard drive crashed.  I lost some of my clip art that I purchased and I was just so bummed.  I had to send out my hard drive to a specialist to retrieve the data.  Some of it was damaged because my hard drive made a clicking noise before it died on me.. which resulted in various files on my computer to be gone and unretrievable.  I didn't get my computer back up and running until just recently and I had to start getting my classroom together for this year and so here I am.

ANYWAY,  we don't start with the kids until next Tuesday but we've already started meeting for training and getting acquainted with our new principal.  I'll try to be better about updating this blog and will lick my wounds and get on the ball with activities for the classroom.  Thanks for reading!  I hope y'all had a refreshing summer!!