Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Calm Before the Storm....

It has been pretty chaotic this week.  I set up my classroom, made some copies for the first day of school and went to two days of DII training.  Has anyone heard of that before?  It correlates with Common Core and will help guide my teaching.  I just wish they gave us this training at the end of last year so I would have all summer to come up with stuff and mull over it instead of doing it right before the school year starts.  It has been a little bit overwhelming.  

Anyway, here's a great tip I found online for my classroom.  I always wanted seat pockets but was too cheap to pay $$ for them and not skilled enough to make them but I found this great idea.  You get JUMBO $1 Target Stretchable Bookcovers, flip over one of the sides, then place it over your chair.  My students can put their books to read and maybe even their journals!  Thanks to The First Grade Parade for this AWESOME idea!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!  I sure am... before the madness begins on Tuesday!


  1. This is such a great idea!and what is DII training? Im curious to know, the whole common core standards is exciting and overwhelming. I also agree that these training should be done prior to the start of the school year. It get crazy between fixing a room and paperwork. Well hope you have a great first day ;)


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