Thursday, March 15, 2012

Time Flies!

I can't believe how fast time is flying.  I am so glad though!  I am enjoying my class a bunch this time of year since they are really independent and can sit for a few minutes working quietly.

Last week, the giant ROCK that's headed to LACMA was near our school.  (5 minutes away).  So after school and after grading a FAT stack of papers, I drove to the shopping plaza cross the street and walked to see what all the fuss was about.

There were so many people looking at the rock and some people drove by to see the rock.  There were also people who didn't know that the rock would be on this street and were stuck in the traffic!  It was already 6pm and there were so many people out there!

It's saran wrapped so you can't really see it.  It can only travel at night because it can only go like 10 miles per hour and travel about 8-11 miles.  It took over a week for the rock to travel from Riverside to Los Angeles and every night, it would be on the news.  Slow news night?

My little munchkins needed more help with Mathematical Reasoning and Problem Solving so I bought Deanna Jump's Spring Math Journal Prompts to help them with word problems.  There were so many good sellers with math journal prompts but I decided to go with hers since it seemed simple.  I don't know if I'll buy all of hers or try to create some on my own but I figured this was a good start.  I precut the prompts and have my class president pass it out to the students after lunch.  We did the first few together and now they are a wiz at them!  We read the prompt together.  I have my students circle the number words and the write the digit next to or above the number word.  Then we underline the clue word that shows us what operation to perform.  (addition or subtraction).  I also made an addition/subtraction clue word cheat sheet to put in their journals to use as a reference.  They also have a small hundred's chart in the back of the journal to use if they need the help.  Look at all their hard work!!

The covers for their math journals.

The clue words "cheat sheet."

It's really helped them to be better problem solvers!  I hope everyone is doing well and I'll try to work on some more worksheets.. but right now it's REPORT CARD TIME!!  We just finished benchmarks and now report cards.... UGH!  Hope everyone else has survived.

On a side note, if I reach 50 people, I'll do a giveaway.  :)  Thank you for subscribing!

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